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We’ll get there fast because we are less than 1/2 mile from the Pinellas County Jail!

Do you want to get your loved one out of jail immediately? Do you live in Clearwater, FL, Pinellas County or the Tampa Bay area?

If you’ve answered yes of these questions, Integrity Bail Bonds is the best choice for you!

Someone close to you has been arrested. When processing is complete, the person is given the option to bail out, which involves a sum of money that can range anywhere between $100 and $100,000. DON'T pay the full amount - contact a bondsmen who will act as a surety upon the person’s release from jail, for only a fraction of the bail amount.

Our Clearwater office is located directly across from the local jail, and we take pride in our quick and efficient process.

This process seems daunting, but it can be very simple. We will need to know the full name of the person in question, as well as their booking number in jail and the requested amount of bail. Once we have this info and we've received your signed paperwork -available online as well as in our office – we will contact the jail and organize their release as soon as possible. In the best cases, this can happen in only a few hours.

We have a long history of reliability and success, which you can easily verify by reading reviews from satisfied customers on our website.

From a minor theft to something as serious as a felony, we provide a bond service for ALL, without judgment or prejudice. Our most important duty, and our motto, is "bringing families back together." Call Integrity Bail Bonds now!

Why Choose Integrity?

  • We are here to answer your questions and get your loved one safely back home.
  • We’ll work with you (you don’t always need collateral)
  • We have over 25 years of experience
  • We will walk the warrant straight through
  • We are the Bondsman the celebrities and stars of Tampa Bay use (not naming any names)
  • Bonds by fax or phone or email
  • Easy payment plans are available

Integrity Bail Bond Video

We like to try and keep up with technology, hard as it may be. We have a series of videos that, we hope, will help people understand the bail bond process. You can find more on Scott's Youtube Channel.

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